Transformative targeted PEMF™ (tPEMF) therapy

Successfully treating more than 50,000 pets so far, Assisi’s targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) therapy is revolutionizing the way we care for our pets. Whether resolving painful and inflammatory conditions with Assisi LOOP products or managing pet anxiety with the Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System, tPEMF therapy is the go-to choice for pet parents and veterinarians.

Bring the healing home

Used in FDA-cleared devices since the 1970’s, tPEMF therapy stimulates the natural recovery process, allowing for effective, drug-free recovery right in the comfort of home. Our safe, easy-to-use, and versatile devices empower pet parents by allowing them to take an active role in their pet’s recovery.

Assisi therapy is a Zomedica® Brand

At Zomedica, we pride ourselves on offering innovative, unrivaled veterinary products and services. As a Zomedica company, Assisi devices are held to the highest standard in veterinary medicine, providing revolutionary, clinically proven targeted PEMF therapy that is trusted by veterinary professionals and pet owners worldwide.

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