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Senior Dogs and Assisi Loop Therapy

From daily nature walks to trips to the park, we love the routines weve created with our dogs. In addition to making room for great bonding activities, routines help to ensure that our pups are getting the exercise and stimulation they need. However, there comes a time when adjustments need to be made to these routines in order to accommodate limitations associated with aging. As your dogs best friend, youre in the perfect position to observe changes that indicate theyre entering their senior years – and to create a plan that will help them age comfortably. We spoke with the owners of senior dogs Pickles, Maggie, and Pebbles to learn more about their pets journeys into ‘seniorhood’ and how Assisi Loop Therapy has helped ease pain throughout that journey.

Miss Pickles’ Story


For some dogs, the physical symptoms of old age are accelerated by nutritional and lifestyle issues. This was the case for Miss Pickles, a 10 ½-year-old pug, who was overweight when she was adopted by his owner Margaret. After adoption, Pickles lost 12.5 pounds! However, she already had developed early-onset arthritis. Her mom began to notice the signs of arthritis when Miss Pickles became a bit stiff at night. This is one of many common physical indications of discomfort or stress associated with ‘seniorhood’, along with hunching over and panting.

The unique issues that senior pets face make creativity key when it comes to providing them with proper care. When looking for ways to manage her new aches and pains, Miss Pickles vet recommended that they try out the Assisi Loop®, as targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF™) therapy allows for a drug-free way to reduce pain and inflammation. It was so easy to use,” Margaret happily reports. After four months of Assisi Loop Therapy, Miss Pickles is less stiff!” Not only is the Assisi Loop drug-free, but its also non-invasive and side-effect free – making it the perfect intervention for senior pets. Its also portable, so you dont have to take frequent trips to the vet, which are often hard on older pets. Senior pets can reduce their pain and inflammation right in the comfort of home. Miss Pickles gets the pain relief she needs, and mom gets the peace of mind of knowing that her pup isnt risking the side effects that often come with the use of drugs. It makes me feel so much better,” Margaret tells Assisi. Were being proactive with her comfort without the use of any pharmaceutical medications.”

Maggie's Story

For Nicole, owner of 14-year-old Bichon Poodle mix Maggie, being a dog trainer helped her notice when Maggie began feeling the effects of old age. I do a lot with my dogs and Im in tune with their body language,” she tells Assisi. Two miles into our hikes, Maggie was beginning to slow down. She would also sleep longer, take longer to recover after walks, and was stiff more frequently.” As our pets age, their bodies become more delicate; not only do senior pets like Maggie experience inflammation and pain as their joints deteriorate, but theyre also slower to heal and have weaker immune systems. For Maggie, what were once easy activities became a bit too much for her aging body; it was clear that some adjustments had to be made in order to keep her comfortable as she aged.

As a Fear Free certified trainer, Nicole was already familiar with Assisi Animal Healths Fear Free preferred products. When she noticed Maggies mobility changing, Assisi Loop Therapy seemed like a must-have” for her active dogs. We are also huge fans of Sleepypod,” she adds.So seeing how the Sleepypod Air integrated with Assisis Loop Lounge pad was a huge selling point.” Hearing many positive reviews only made Nicoles decision to try the Loop easier. Not only did my vet, Dr. Mahaney, share great reviews of Assisi, but my horse body worker Jodi Heaston swears by the changes it makes for horses.”

Maggie warmed up to the Assisi Loop in no time. Getting her used to the Assisi Loop Lounge pad was easy,” Nicole recalls. My dogs love their Sleepypod Air and she climbed right in! Maggie didnt even know anything was different.” Maggie has now been using the Assisi Loop Lounge for six months and mom continues to see amazing benefits. I notice a faster recovery time after we have a busy day, when shes sore, has a tummy ache, or is even just a bit off. A quick session with Assisi Loop Therapy greatly helps.” The versatility of Assisi Loop Therapy is especially helpful for Maggie. Because the Loop is portable, has a ten-inch treatment field, and works through fabric, it was very easy for Nicole to initiate a Loop therapy session. I sometimes put the pad on her dog bed or on the bed with me and cover it with a favorite blanket on top (usually Sleepyod’s cloud puff blanket). She can relax and recover at the same time. A pet that is pain-free and happy is my goal and I’m so happy Assisi helps us reach that.” 

Pebbles' Story

Every dog is unique; one dogs progression into seniorhood wont look identical to anothers. For Pebbles, a 15½-year-old Maltese, her playful personality made it hard to notice the first signs of old age. Shes always been an extra spunky gal,” her owner Brandi tells Assisi. Most people who see her out on the hiking trail are shocked to find out shes a senior lady!’” Some dogs are just lucky like this – they act like puppies right into their senior years! While its wonderful when a pet retains their youthful personality, its still essential to keep a close eye on any subtle changes that indicate theyre experiencing discomfort. Pebbles mom only noticed she was slowing down when she started exhibiting a bit of stiffness when getting up after long naps – especially after big adventures. 

While the physical changes Pebbles experienced were subtle, a more obvious issue soon appeared: mental challenges. We noticed mental issues, including forgetting how to do tricks and forgetting which side of the door opens to the outdoors,” Brandi recalls. She soon discovered that these changes were due to dog dementia, also known as Canine Cognitive Disorder (CCD). With this new diagnosis, Brandi set out to find creative and safe ways to properly manage all of Pebbles needs.

Due to her combination of physical and cognitive issues, Pebbles journey with Assisi Loop Therapy was a bit more complex. On top of everything, Pebbles was exhibiting signs of Canine Separation Anxiety (CSA), including pacing and crying when left alone. A couple of years ago, we were introduced to Calmer Canine to help with some of Pebbles separation anxiety issues,” Brandi recalls. At the time, it was exactly what we needed and it not only helped Pebbles, but Bruiser & Jax, as well.” The Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System™, which utilizes similar tPEMF technology to what is found in Assisi Loop products, helps canine anxiety by reducing inflammation in the emotional center of the brain. 

With her anxiety under control, Brandi was able to turn her attention to resolving Pebbles aches and pains. Through following Calmer Canine on social media, we were introduced to the Assisi Loop. Were very much into natural solutions, whenever theyre an option, so Assisi Loop Therapy seemed like the perfect solution for helping with Pebbles stiffness.” She warmed up to the Loop right away. Mornings are our quiet time around the house. Everyone rests and I get my computer work in. Pebbles favorite place is to be curled up in a bed by my feet. It was super easy to just lay the Loop on top of her while she rested at my feet.” After six months of using the Assisi Loop on and off, Brandi can definitely tell that Pebbles is recovering faster after their hikes. Shes less stiff and more active, ready for the next adventure! I would most definitely recommend the Assisi Loop as a treatment for inflammation and discomfort in senior pets. We never leave home without it!”

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Assisi Loop Therapy Heals a Mamba Snake

On an October day in 2017, the staff at Florida’s Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens noticed that Vera, a 20-year-old West African green mamba snake, had swelling about a third of the way down her body. The team took her in for exploratory surgery, fitting her with a face mask and sedating her for the exam.  

During Vera’s exam, doctors discovered a large adenocarcinoma, a type of tumor that typically forms in glandular structures of organs, on her liver. The mass was too adhered to remove completely, so doctors “de-bulked” it, removing as much volume as they could before closing the incision. This type of procedure is painful and, as a result, doctors administered several medications: Meloxicam and a fentanyl patch (for pain), ceftiofur crystalline free acid and Ceftazidime (antibiotics), and the non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory Assisi Loop device. 

Speeding Vera's Surgical Recovery with Assisi Loop Therapy

Related to the infamous and beautiful East African black mamba, green mamba snakes are generally considered to be more timid—but only slightly less venomous. Naturally, this made Vera’s recovery journey a bit more complicated than it would be for a companion animal patient. “Due to safety factors, the Loop was prescribed once weekly for five treatments,” the Jacksonville Zoo staff told Zomedica. Indeed, it seems that the less handling of a wild and venomous snake, the better. “For the first two weeks, the Loop was placed under Vera’s enclosure while she was resting. The sequential three treatments were performed while she was being fed in her enclosure.” Since metal lessens the treatment field’s effectiveness of the Assisi Loop, the enclosure through which Vera was treated was plastic or glass, sometimes with a layer of newspaper. The electromagnetic field passes through these kinds of barriers to effectively treat soft tissue.

Zoo Staff Reflects on the Benefits of Assisi Loop Therapy

While the zoo staff administered significantly fewer treatments than the Loop is recommended for when treating domestic pets (for post-surgical healing, treating the site 3-4 times daily for 15 minutes is standard protocol), they believed that the therapy was still beneficial to Vera’s surgical site as part of a multi-pronged approach to healing. “The surgical site healed well and without discharge or dehiscence,” they told Zomedica. “The treatment with the Loop was part of a multimodal approach to analgesia and post-surgical wound therapy. This non-invasive technique provided an additional means of caring for the surgical site and may have provided additional pain relief while assisting with wound healing. Therefore, we would value the opportunity to use the Loop as part of our routine treatment protocol.” 

Zomedica's Commitment to Helping All Animals

Zomedica takes great pride in the relief the Assisi Loop can provide for animals with painful surgical sites –from companion animals to venomous snakes and beyond. We’re so grateful to the Jacksonville Zoo for its documentation of this unique case. 

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