Assisi LOOP Lounge®

Total body pain & inflammation relief.

Proven to reduce pain and accelerate healing

The Assisi LOOP Lounge rechargeable system is designed to deliver 6,000 nose-to-tail tPEMF™ treatments. There are four pad sizes to choose from with each pad encased in a removable waterproof washable liner and covered in a custom-made washable BuddyRest® fabric cover.

With three pad sizes to choose from, the rechargeable Assisi LOOP Lounge offers patients full-body relief from pain and inflammation.

Assisi LOOP products are available without a prescription for animals under veterinary care. They are effectively used in a wide range of conditions, including:

• Post-surgical recovery
• Wound care
• Spinal and nerve disorders
• Internal inflammation
• Osteoarthritis
• Bone, joint, and soft tissue injuries

Assisi LOOP therapy is proven safe and effective

Backed by years of peer-reviewed clinical research

Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) therapy delivers a micro-current to damaged tissue that is precisely tuned to trigger an animal’s own natural anti-inflammatory process. The electromagnetic signal, which is one-one-thousandth the strength of a cell phone, stimulates cellular repair by upregulating the body’s own production of endogenous nitric oxide (NO).

Buy the LOOP Lounge online

In addition to being available for purchase in many veterinarian clinics, the LOOP Lounge can be purchased at the Assisi Online Store. Veterinarians can visit the online store to access wholesale prices and place bulk orders.

How to use the LOOP Lounge

The Loop Lounge incorporates the same technology used in the  Assisi Loop to deliver our patented tPEMF anti-inflammatory signal via a convenient therapy pad.

Start with two to four 15-minute treatments per day, with a rest time of at least two hours between treatments.

Acute Conditions

  • Continue with 2-4 treatments per day for the first week
  • Taper treatment for the next 7-10 days or until condition is fully healed

Chronic & Degenerative

  • Continue with 2-4 treatments per day for 2-4 weeks and monitor the animal until you see improved mobility and less pain response
  • Taper treatments down as you see improvement, reducing to 1-2 treatments per day or less

We rely on veterinarians to assess the animal and to work with the pet parent on the best treatment protocols for each case.

Get the Clinical Use Guide

The Assisi LOOP Clinical Use Guide is designed to answer questions you may have regarding the technology, benefits, and applications of Assisi Loop products. It offers 40 step-by-step, illustrated protocols for applying the LOOP to almost 300 medical conditions.
The Guide was developed by a team of experienced veterinary clinicians and is available exclusively to professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

For acute inflammation, you should see noticeable relief after the first or second treatment. With chronic or degenerative issues, you may not see notable results for 2 to 4 weeks. You’ll want to continue the treatments as recommended by your veterinarian for continued long-term healing.
The Assisi LOOP Lounge incorporates the same technology used in the Assisi LOOP to deliver our patented tPEMF™ anti-inflammatory signal via a convenient therapy pad “Lounge” insert.
You should follow the instructions of your veterinary professional regarding how many times to treat your pet each day. Many veterinarians will suggest that you start with two-to-four 15-minute treatments per day for acute and chronic or degenerative conditions.
  • For acute conditions (such as post-surgical treatment or recovery from a trauma), many veterinarians will recommend that you continue 3 to 4 treatments per day for the first week or so and then taper off for the next 7 to 10 days, or until the condition is fully healed.
  • For chronic or degenerative conditions, many veterinarians will recommend that you continue with 3 to 4 treatments per day for 7 to 10 days and monitor your pet until you see improved mobility and less pain response. Upon improvement, many veterinarians suggest that you can taper down to 1 or 2 treatments per day or even 1 to 3 treatments per week. Veterinarians find that with some chronic and degenerative conditions, the patient may get to the point that they would only be treated as needed for pain, particularly if it is a condition that is prone to flare-ups.
Ultimately, you want to consider that the Assisi LOOP Lounge is working to reduce your pet’s inflammation on a cellular level while accelerating the body’s own healing properties. We rely on veterinarians to assess your pet and to work with you on the best treatment protocols for your pet’s condition.
Yes. The Loop Lounge is especially convenient for long trips. Just make sure to fully charge the battery before heading out!
Yes, you can if either the 110v charge cord is plugged into a wall socket, or the optional 12V charge cord is plugged into a 12V receptacle in your vehicle.
The Assisi LOOP Lounge can be applied to any animal, regardless of species, with any inflammatory condition. Out of an abundance of caution, we do not recommend using the Assisi Loop Lounge for pets with hemangiosarcoma.
Yes, as long as they fit comfortably and are positioned within the treatment field.
If you have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic device, we recommend keeping a distance of at least six inches between your device and the Assisi LOOP Lounge when treatment is operating.
If your pet received at least 10 minutes of treatment, you can wait until the next scheduled treatment cycle. However, if in doubt, there is no harm in initiating another partial or complete cycle.
The treatment field extends about 10 inches above and below the Lounge, allowing for versatile treatments. As long as the animal is within ten inches of the pad, they will receive treatment benefits.
Carefully wash the affected surfaces with a soft brush dampened with soap and water to remove solid particulates and odors. Then follow up with a thorough wipe-down of the affected surfaces with 70% Isopropyl alcohol (typical rubbing alcohol). Clean with the power off and wait 15 minutes after cleaning before operating the unit.

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