The Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System®

The drug-free solution to canine separation anxiety.

Proven to reduce symptoms of canine separation anxiety

Calmer Canine delivers microcurrents of targeted pulsed electromagnetic field™ (tPEMF) signals to the area of the brain involved in controlling emotions such as anxiety, effectively returning the anxious brain to a more balanced emotional state – with long-lasting effects..
The Calmer Canine is available without a prescription for animals under veterinary care. It is effectively used to:
  • Reduce barking, howling, panting and pacing
  • Reduce destruction and house-soiling
  • Increase the time spent resting when home alone
  • Create long-lasting results
  • Reduce other anxieties such as noise sensitivity, travel, and general anxiety

tPEMF therapy is proven effective

Backed by years of peer-reviewed clinical research

Calmer Canine uses tPEMF technology to directly influence the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for processing emotions. With the signal in Assisi Loop devices is designed to penetrate superficial tissues, Calmer Canine’s signal is specially tailored to reach structures within the brain, safely modulating the emotional center of the brain in order to stimulate the release endorphins and promote a state of calm.

Buy the Calmer Canine online

In addition to being available for purchase in many veterinarian clinics, the Calmer Canine can be purchased at the Assisi Online Store. Veterinarians can access Assisi’s wholesale prices and place bulk orders.

How to use the Calmer Canine

Calmer Canine should be used twice a day for 15 minutes each time. Treatments should be spaced 8 to 10 hours apart.
Simply put the vest on the dog, attach the device to the neck strap with the Velcro attachment, and turn the device on to activate it. The Calmer Canine device will turn itself off after the 15-minute treatment is over. The vest can then be removed and set aside until the next treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This technology has been safely used to treat pain and inflammation in over 50,000 animals with no reported side effects.
Calmer Canine should NOT be used in animals with implanted electromagnetic devices (e.g. pacemakers) and caution should be used by owners using the device if they have implanted devices, such as insulin pumps or pacemakers. Like the Assisi LOOP products, Calmer Canine’s efficacy may be reduced by use of the device on or near a substantial amount of metal (such as in a metal crate or on a stainless-steel table), or while using another electromagnetic device such as a laser.
No. The treatment has no sounds or vibrations and is invisible and sensation free. It is based on technology that has been cleared by the FDA for use in people.
You can expect that the dog’s symptoms associated with anxiety will be reduced over time. In studies of dogs with separation anxiety, results achieved by using Calmer Canine® included less barking, less panting, less pacing and more independence while at home as well as more time spent resting or playing while the owners were away.
Results were reported as soon as a few days after starting treatments. It is recommended that Calmer Canine® be used consecutively for four to six weeks, twice daily to achieve optimal results. Every dog is an individual and some dogs may benefit from treatment beyond six weeks.
If the dog dislikes wearing any garment or dislikes the sound of Velcro, the therapy can be applied by holding the device in place with a hand in the position described in the User Manual. The Convenience Vest allows for hands-free delivery of the therapy, but it is not essential to achieve the benefits of treatment.
Although designed specifically to help dogs with separation anxiety, Calmer Canine® may also help dogs with other anxieties and fears, such as thunder phobia, noise sensitivity, travel anxiety, general anxiety, and situational anxiety.
Yes. Calmer Canine® can be used on multiple dogs. It is a battery-operated device and the battery will typically last for 4–6 weeks of treatment according to the recommended schedule. The battery is replaceable. Calmer Canine vests are available for purchase without the device, in case a different sized vest is needed for use on another dog in the household.
No. The targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF™) signal in the Assisi LOOP and in Calmer Canine® differ in some fundamental ways. The tPEMF signal in Calmer Canine has been optimized and tuned to be effective in the treatment of anxiety in dogs. The Assisi LOOP tPEMF signal is tuned to be effective in the treatment of pain and inflammation in animals. The Assisi LOOP and Calmer Canine devices provide two different signals treating two distinct categories of conditions.

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